Who we are

The #educoachOC team is made up of Australian educators from across the country who are passionate about coaching in educational contexts.

Chris Munro – Melbourne – @CmunroOz chrisreflects.wordpress.com/

Deborah Netolicky – Perth – @debsnet theeduflaneuse.com/

Jon Andrews – Brisbane – @Obi_Jon_ jonandrews.edublogs.org/

Andrea Stringer – Sydney – @stringer_andrea  http://andreastringer.blogspot.com.au/


2 thoughts on “Who we are

  1. Dear #educoachOC team,

    I was planning on joining you for the Nov. 7, 2016, chat until I realized it is taking place at 4:30 am in my time zone. I would love to continue the chat in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Is there any way we could collaborate, so I could do that? I know you all work hard, and I don’t want to steal your work or your thunder. As a teacher coach, I yearn for a network like this. If it doesn’t exist, perhaps with your help I could create it here. Please feel free to contact me at @cultivatelearn or eileen@cultivatingthelearning.com.

    Thank you for considering it.

    Eileen Fernandez-Parker


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