#educoachOC Chat 14: A [Coaching] Year in Review

Over the past year #educoachOC has discussed a wide range of topics. Having previously explored the nature of coaching conversations and the fundamental issue of trust, we started 2016 with a focus on establishing and fostering successful coaching relationships. Coaching as Route Finding considered the role of the coach in facilitating personalised learning for the coachee. Our next … More #educoachOC Chat 14: A [Coaching] Year in Review

#educoachOC Chat 13: Thinking Critically about Coaching

We initiated the #educoachOC chat in September 2015 in an attempt to convene a professional learning community for anyone with an interest in coaching in education and with the aim of seeking shared understandings of the definitions, uses and impacts of coaching in education contexts. In this month’s chat we’d like to explore some issues … More #educoachOC Chat 13: Thinking Critically about Coaching

#educoachOC Chat 12: A Coaching Way of Being

Our next #educoachOC chat will explore the notion of ‘a coaching way of being’. The phrase “way of being” in the context of one-to-one relationships originates in the work of psychologist Carl Rogers (1980) whose ‘person-centred’ theories remain at the root of coaching today. Christian van Nieuwerburgh (2014) presents three elements of effective coaching as … More #educoachOC Chat 12: A Coaching Way of Being

#educoachOC Chat 11: Differentiating Coaching

This Monday, on 5 September, our monthly #educoachOC chat will be exploring the topic of differentiating coaching. If coaching is viewed as a catalyst and support for professional growth, then the process should be able to be applied to any individual’s contexts and priorities. Often we see coaching as a model differentiated by its open … More #educoachOC Chat 11: Differentiating Coaching

#educoachOC Chat 10: Data in Coaching

Our next #educoachOC chat will explore the role of data in coaching conversations. The word ‘data’ has many meanings and connotations for teachers and school leaders. This chat aims to tease out some of the factors to consider when selecting, gathering and using data in the context of a coaching conversation. At an international level, there is much debate … More #educoachOC Chat 10: Data in Coaching

#educoachOC Chat 9: Listening

Our next #educoachOC chat will focus on listening in a coaching context. Alongside other key coaching skills such as questioning, clarifying and empathising, the way we listen and engage with the coachee – with our ears, gestures and eyes – is perhaps the most fundamentally important factor in building the trust required for coaching to be effective. Listening in … More #educoachOC Chat 9: Listening