#educoachOC Chat 18: Coaching for Leadership

While during our monthly #educoachOC chat we often have general conversations around coaching in education, and sometimes talk specifically about coaching teachers, this Monday #educoachOC is going to be exploring coaching leaders for leadership. Even though the ‘OC’ in our name refers to an Oceania-friendly time, we’re a global chat and would love for you … More #educoachOC Chat 18: Coaching for Leadership

#educoachOC Chat 16: Asking the Best Questions

Asking questions is a fundamental part of a coaching conversation. Just as listening and being present help contribute to a positive conversational experience socially, so too does questioning. Asking questions in everyday conversation can demonstrate interest, engagement, empathy and support. It could even say something about our values and beliefs. The questions we choose to … More #educoachOC Chat 16: Asking the Best Questions

#educoachOC Chat 14: A [Coaching] Year in Review

Over the past year #educoachOC has discussed a wide range of topics. Having previously explored the nature of coaching conversations and the fundamental issue of trust, we started 2016 with a focus on establishing and fostering successful coaching relationships. Coaching as Route Finding considered the role of the coach in facilitating personalised learning for the coachee. Our next … More #educoachOC Chat 14: A [Coaching] Year in Review

#educoachOC Chat 13: Thinking Critically about Coaching

We initiated the #educoachOC chat in September 2015 in an attempt to convene a professional learning community for anyone with an interest in coaching in education and with the aim of seeking shared understandings of the definitions, uses and impacts of coaching in education contexts. In this month’s chat we’d like to explore some issues … More #educoachOC Chat 13: Thinking Critically about Coaching

#educoachOC Chat 12: A Coaching Way of Being

Our next #educoachOC chat will explore the notion of ‘a coaching way of being’. The phrase “way of being” in the context of one-to-one relationships originates in the work of psychologist Carl Rogers (1980) whose ‘person-centred’ theories remain at the root of coaching today. Christian van Nieuwerburgh (2014) presents three elements of effective coaching as … More #educoachOC Chat 12: A Coaching Way of Being