#educoachOC Chat 23 – Coaching the Coaches: Using Feedback for Growth

Coaches occupy a place of privilege in our schools. To be situated in a partnership with a colleague and embark on a journey of practice exploration, analysis, reflection and refinement, is something that can ultimately transform both the coach and coachee.

Having a sense of how coaching is influencing thinking and practice is integral to not just building trust, but also agency. Agency, as Biesta, Priestly and Robinson (2015) state, is not “something that people can have – as a property, capacity or competence, but something that people do.” Agency is not devoid of feedback however, it is an important process that catalyses reflection and seeks to strengthen relations through dialogue and using information. As a core tenet in the coaching creed, feedback from coaches, to coaches can prove an invaluable source of provocation and growth irrespective of whether the dialogue and data reveal affirmation or challenging news.

This month’s chat invites you to share your experiences or perspectives on how coaches themselves can benefit from feedback about their practices and approaches from trusted colleagues or from a coaching team. Growth is what coaches aspire to facilitate in their partnership with teachers, growth is what they should expect to see in themselves as well. This month’s questions are:

Q1 Feedback is as important to a coach as it is to a coachee. How is this facilitated in your setting?

Q2 What are common areas for growth in coaches that have emerged from your experiences?

Q3 Beyond periodic or annual feedback, how else can coaches be supported in their ongoing growth?

Q4 Scenario: You receive a pattern of negative feedback about a coach from coachees. How might you respond?

Q5 Scenario: You are part of a coaching team. Over time, areas of expertise emerge – how can the team harness and benefit from this?

This months chat takes place on Monday 6th November at 8.30pm Australian EDT. That’s 4.30am in New York, 9.30am in London, 1.30pm in Dubai, 5.30pm in Hong Kong, 7.30pm in Brisbane, and 10.30pm in Auckland.

Best wishes,

Jon, Andrea, Chris and Deb.


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