#educoachOC Chat 15: Coaching Goals for 2017

Welcome back!

Welcome to the first #educoachOC chat of 2017! For those starting back for a new school year, we hope that you’ve had a refreshing break and that the new term has started smoothly. For any new participants (or curious ‘lurkers’) – welcome! You can find out more about the chat and who we are by having a dig around on our blog.

We are delighted to welcome Andrea Stringer to our moderation team for 2017. Andrea will be well-known to many of you as a model of the connected educator. Andrea is currently a Professional Learning Coach in Sydney and is interested in researching coaching in education. Last year she organised the first #CoachMeet so coaches and those interested in coaching could connect, share information and expertise. While it was based in Sydney, Andrea invited presentations from well-known coaches such as Jim Knight, Rachel Lofthouse, Peter DeWitt, Michael Bungay-Stanier and our own Chris Munro.

Coaching Goals for 2017

In this chat we will explore our individual coaching goals for the year ahead. These might be goals around refining our personal coaching practice or developing an aspect of how coaching or a coaching approach is applied in our particular context. Alternatively, you might be at the start of the coaching journey and be looking to get things moving in your setting or simply to learn more about the topic and develop some skills. In the interests of contributing to our collective body of knowledge, we would also encourage participants to cite or link to any research or literature that you are using or wish to engage with. This might even be a goal in itself.

The chat questions this month are designed to model some coaching questions and a truncated coaching process. One obvious difference from a normal coaching situation will be the lack of confidentiality but we will have the opportunity to have multiple ‘coaches’ reading (listening) and responding to our tweets. We hope that this might help chat participants to clarify their thinking, raise their awareness, help generate options, and create commitment to taking some first small steps. In short, we thought we’d see if a coaching approach to our chat interactions might create similar positive benefits to those generated by an effective coaching conversation.

So, here are the questions:

Q1 What are your hopes for your coaching practice or development of coaching in your context in 2017? What would be happening? Benefits?

Q2 Try to formulate these hopes into ‘tweetable’ goal statements using these stems: By….. I am/have….. so that…..

Q3 What’s working in your coaching context now? How do you know? What’s already in place?

Q4 What options do you have to move towards achieving your goal? Possibilities? Alternatives? What else?

Q5 What will be your first small steps? What is your advice to yourself in order to carry through with this?

The chat will take place on Monday 6th February at 8.30pm AEDT. That’s 9.30am in London, 12.30pm in Doha, 5.30pm in Singapore, 7.30pm in Brisbane and 10.30pm in Auckland.

We hope that you’ll join us!

The #educoachOC Team


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