#educoachOC Chat 13: Thinking Critically about Coaching

We initiated the #educoachOC chat in September 2015 in an attempt to convene a professional learning community for anyone with an interest in coaching in education and with the aim of seeking shared understandings of the definitions, uses and impacts of coaching in education contexts.

In this month’s chat we’d like to explore some issues and questions that have emerged as coaching and coaching approaches have gained momentum in schools.

When each of us talks about coaching in our own context we don’t often talk about what sits behind our own implementation story. Coaching is not the only strategy employed to support the growth of teachers and leaders, and not all conversations are coaching conversations! Equally, when our stories and opinions are shared with others, how they ‘land’ and are interpreted by others in different contexts might depend, to some degree, on that person’s associations, perceptions, beliefs and past experiences.

So, in this chat we’d like to think critically about coaching in schools. Why might people be sceptical or suspicious of coaching as an ‘intervention’? What factors influence how coaching approaches are introduced in schools and how they are perceived? Where do coaching conversations sit in the myriad professional interactions happening in a school every day? What other kinds of conversations are required and when? How does coaching sit within a school’s professional learning strategy? How does coaching complement other forms of learning and vice-versa? Where do coaches sit within an individual’s personal and professional ‘web’ of learning and growth? And what are the implications of all of this for our work with coaching in education?

We hope that you’ll join us on Monday 7 November at 8.30pm Australian EDT.

Here are the chat questions:

  1. Why might some people be sceptical of coaching in schools?
  2. In what situations or scenarios might coaching not be the most appropriate kind of conversation to have?
  3. What kinds of alternate learning and support might complement coaching and help a person?
  4. What is the role of the coach within a person’s web of learning and growth resources/strategies/avenues?
  5. Share a resource or question that helps you to consider how coaching interacts with other forms of professional learning and development?



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