#educoachOC Chat 10: Data in Coaching

Our next #educoachOC chat will explore the role of data in coaching conversations. The word ‘data’ has many meanings and connotations for teachers and school leaders. This chat aims to tease out some of the factors to consider when selecting, gathering and using data in the context of a coaching conversation.

At an international level, there is much debate around the validity and use of data such as that generated by the OECD. At a national level we are all familiar with the statistical data generated by national testing and school leaving qualifications, and how schools grapple with this in an attempt to make it meaningful and useful to individual teachers. School leaders need to deal with all manner of data, from budgets and expenditure to attendance and compliance measures. All of this data may fit the conventional view of data as statistical information used to measure performance or efficiency in some aspect of the education system. A key question is how useful is this data for teachers and school leaders? Does it tick an accountability box or does it provide useful information to help schools, and individuals, evaluate and plan their work?

What if we replace the word ‘data’ with something like information, evidence, or artifact? Does this broaden the scope of what might be useful to us, particularly in the context of coaching conversations? Does it help us drill down into the ‘big’ data and/or gather more meaningful and relevant ‘local’ material that might allow individuals to make sense of complex educational scenarios?

What might this local data look like? How personal is it to the teacher, and students, in the classroom? What information will help us move forward? Who decides what counts? Who collects it? Who owns it?

What is the purpose and intent of data in a coaching conversation? Does data perform different functions at different stages in the coaching process?

The diagram below illustrates how data can be the ‘third point’ in a coaching conversation. What data would you put at the third point, as coach or coachee, to help facilitate an effective coaching conversation?

Data in Coaching

Here are the questions for the chat:

  1. What information (data?) is worth gathering as part of the coaching process?
  2. Data can be described as the ‘third point’ in a coaching conversation. How is this data generated and utilised in the conversation?
  3. Share some stories about how data has transformed conversations and the coaching process, for better or worse.
  4. What does effective use of data look like from the perspective of the coachee?
  5. Share an approach or resource to assist with the generation and/or use of data in a coaching context.

The chat will be held on Monday 1st August at 8.30pm AEST. That’s 6.30am in New York, 11.30am in London, 6.30pm in Perth and Singapore, 7.30pm in Brisbane, 8.30pm in Sydney and Melbourne, and 10.30pm in Auckland.

We hope that you’ll join us!


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