#educoachOC Chat 7: Supporting the needs of coaches

#educoachOC Chat 7

Our next #educoachOC monthly chat is all about the needs of the coach. We often talk about the coachee, but we thought it would be worthwhile to spend some time teasing out what it is that coaches might need and the complexities of addressing those needs. We’re hoping that the #educoachOC collective brain can share some ways to mindfully and effectively support coaches in their work.

The chat will be held on Monday 4th April at 8.30pm AEST. Daylight Savings has ended on the Aussie East Coast, so this means the chat will happen at 6.30am in New York, 11.30am in London, 6.30pm in Perth and Singapore, 7.30pm in Brisbane, and 8.30pm in Sydney and Melbourne.

Deb has written this post exploring her thoughts around why and how a coach’s needs might be supported.

The questions are below. We look forward to hearing your ideas about how we might support the needs of coaches.

Deb, Chris, Corinne and Jon


Q1: What are some of the privileges and challenges of being a coach?

Q2: What are some indicators that you, or another coach may need some support in coaching? 

Q3: Thinking specifically about the needs of the coach, what is it that they need to support their work?

Q4: What do coaches need to be mindful of when seeking ways to support themselves and their own needs? 

Q5: Share an idea or resource for training or supporting coaches in your own context.



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