#educoachOC Chat 6: Coaching as route finding

Coaching Route Finding

Our next #educoachOC chat is on Monday 7 March at 9pm Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time. That’s 9pm Melbourne and Sydney, 8pm in Brisbane, 6pm in Perth and Singapore, 5am in New York City and 10am in London.

The chat will explore the metaphor of coaching as route finding. That is, how do coaches help coachees to map their own routes, consider past mistakes and successes, foresee obstacles, and design a path to traverse?

The questions for the chat are below. In the meantime, a good place to start on this topic is with #educoachOC co-moderator Jon Andrews’ blog post which uses a rock climbing metaphor for coaching. In it, Jon explores how a coach, while not traveling the path of the coachee, can assist in route finding.

  1. How do coaches pay attention to the stories coachees tell, and why is this important?
  2. How coaches support coachees with identifying obstacles, thinking through them and moving beyond them?
  3. How can a coach balance drawing out a plan/route WITH a coachee and avoid temptation to direct things?
  4. What strategies can be employed to identify and appreciate coaching milestones?
  5. Why is looking back as important as looking forward, and how can coaches help coachees to link their past to their present and future?

We look forward to seeing you there.

Deb, Jon, Chris and Corinne


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