Next Monday: Coaching and Mentoring – What’s the Difference #educoachOC


It’s just one week to go before our second #educoachOC chat, which will take place on Monday October 5,  at 9:00pm AEDT (UTC +11). This time we’ll be teasing out the differences between coaching and mentoring and exploring our understandings,perceptions and experiences of both. We’re still finalising the questions, but once we have them, we’ll post them here for you to consider.

Do you have any issues you’d like to discuss in relation to coaching or mentoring, or ideas for future chats? Let us know by leaving a comment or contact us on Twitter. We are @debsnet  @jca_1975, @CmunroOz and  @corisel 

We hope you can join us next Monday!

Deb, John, Chris and Corinne

To find out what happened during our previous chat, check out the Chat Archives 


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