#educoachOC Chat 25: Coaching Cultures

Welcome to the first monthly #educoachOC chat of 2018! We thought we’d kick-off the year with quite a broad chat topic – coaching cultures. In previous chats we’ve focused on getting started with coaching, looking at different contexts for coaching conversations and considering specific coaching skills and approaches. What we’ve not yet explored is what … More #educoachOC Chat 25: Coaching Cultures

#educoachOC Chat 24: Supporting Early Career Teachers

One of the first #educoachOC chats back in 2015 explored the similarities and differences between coaching and mentoring. Whilst our focus has been on coaching in education contexts, there is clearly an overlap with mentoring in terms of the intent, skills and attitudes common to both forms of “helping by talking”. In this month’s chat, … More #educoachOC Chat 24: Supporting Early Career Teachers

#educoachOC Chat 23 – Coaching the Coaches: Using Feedback for Growth

Coaches occupy a place of privilege in our schools. To be situated in a partnership with a colleague and embark on a journey of practice exploration, analysis, reflection and refinement, is something that can ultimately transform both the coach and coachee. Having a sense of how coaching is influencing thinking and practice is integral to … More #educoachOC Chat 23 – Coaching the Coaches: Using Feedback for Growth

#educoachOC Chat 22: Metaphors for Coaching

In this month’s chat we’d like to try something a little different and explore our metaphors for coaching. The use of metaphor within coaching conversations can be a powerful way of helping the coachee to gain insight into their challenge and clarity around what they would like to be different going forward. Often, a coachee … More #educoachOC Chat 22: Metaphors for Coaching

#educoachOC Chat 21: Organisational contexts for coaching

At my school, we are intentional in our professional conversations, deliberately using different types of conversation for particular purposes. Coaching is fundamental in this work, and provides what is often our default conversational stance. Context is king in coaching. We have talked about it before on #educoachOC. In 2016 we discussed the pre-conditions for coaching … More #educoachOC Chat 21: Organisational contexts for coaching

#educoachOC Chat 20: Conversational Contexts

#educoachOC returns this month to discuss the range of conversational contexts where coaching and coaching approaches can be helpful. In schools, these contexts are often identified as the starting point for the development of coaching. The Global Framework for Coaching and Mentoring in Education (van Nieuwerburgh & Campbell, 2015) provides a useful model of four … More #educoachOC Chat 20: Conversational Contexts